TGISC 2022

Every shrimp keeper or breeder may participate with their own breeds that pertain to one of the listed categories. Obligation to only enter self-raised shrimp to the contest When applying for registration, the participant affirms that the shrimp they show are shrimp they have bred and raised themselves. In the case of reasonable doubt, the participant in question is disqualified. In this case, the registration fees are not refunded.

Registration limit

Each participant may enter a maximum of three sets of shrimp in every category.


For registration, please fill in the form you can download on the page. Shrimp sets will be accepted in the order of registration. The final day for registration is September 15, 2022. When the maximum number of shrimp sets is reached, the registration period may be ended prematurely.


One set of shrimp comprises between 3 and 5 shrimp. ATTENTION: For groups 1 and 2 there should be 1 male in each set. If there are more than 3 shrimp in a set, the best 3 shrimp are judged. If you send in more than 5 shrimp, the superfluous specimens will not be put into the contest aquarium. A minimum size of 1.8 cm for the shrimp is required. Shrimp with a visible parasite infestation are disqualified. If berried shrimp are entered that release their offspring during the contest the participant has no right to claim the offspring after the event.

Registration fee

Per set of shrimp, a registration fee of € 15,- is charged if the shrimp are made available for auction after the contest. The owner will be remunerated with 50 % of the auction price in CASH if present during the auction (if the owner is unavailable they may authorize a representative in writing). A transfer or other digital money transfer does not take place. If the shrimp are taken back by their owner after the contest, the participation fee per set of shrimp is € 20,- .

Taking back contest shrimp

On the registration form the participants are asked to tick the corresponding box whether they’d like to enter their shrimp in the auction after the contest (as a donation) or not. If they do not want to put their shrimp up for auction, they need to pick them up on monday 3rd October 2022 starting 6 p.m. in person. If the participants themselves are unavailable, there is the possibility of notifying the organizing team that the shrimp will be picked up by another person. It is possible to authorize a third person in writing, they need to show their passport and said written authorization in order to be handed over the shrimp. Those shrimp that are not picked up automatically become property of the organizers and will be sold. In this case, the higher registration fee will not be refunded. Unfortunately we are not able to send back shrimp to the participants by mail.


The organizers do not assume any liability for loss, disease or death of all or some of the shrimp during transport or during the contest.


All those shrimp entered in the contest that are not expressly exempt from being auctioned off on the registration form will be put up for auction on Monday. All those shrimp that are exempt from the auction but have not been picked up by Monday 3rd October 2022, 6.30 p.m. at the latest, will become property of the organizers.
The auction will be held on Monday, October 3, 2022. A list of the shrimp in auction will be issued beforehand. The shrimp bought at the auction need to be paid in cash on the spot. There is no right to exchange whatsoever. The auctioned shrimp will be packed in a transport bag and handed over after the auction by team members. Everyone fetching shrimp after the auction is held to make sure the shrimp are protected against low temperatures during transport.

Premature end of the registration period

There is a maximum of 200 show tanks for the shrimp contest of 2020. Shrimp sets will be accepted in the order of registration. The final day for registration is September 15, 2022. When the maximum number of shrimp sets is reached, the registration period may be ended prematurely.


Shrimp that are transported by a forwarding agent, a parcel service, DHL or by plane need to be delivered to the fairgrounds on September 29 2022 or on  September 30 2022, by 3 p.m. at the latest. The destination airport for deliveries by airfreight is Dortmund. Please direct all parcels to:

Galopprennbahn Wambel

Sekretariat z.Hd. Michael J. Schönefeld
Rennweg 70
44143 Dortmund (Germany)
Phone: +49/172/9381525

Please make sure to always give your phone number when you send the shrimp with a forwarding agent or by airfreight. If you send your shrimp from a country outside Germany, please note on the parcel that the contents are a gift and not marketable goods.

Shrimp that were entered for the contest can be handed over in person to the members of the organization committee by September 30 2022 on the fairgrounds. We cannot guarantee that any shrimp that arrive after that time can still be considered for judging.


Make sure you pack your shrimp extremely well, and give each set of shrimp
their own transport bag. Write the category onto each bag. Please write
clearly and use a permanent marker! Donot write the name of the breeder
onto the bag. Only write your name and address on the box and enclose your
registration form, printed and filled out.
Specification of the show tanks
For this contest, we will provide 200 aquaria with a volume of around 10 liters
each. Here all sets of shrimp will be presented, allocated to categories. The
water parameters will be adapted to the requirements of each category.


A neutral substrate will be used for all categories.


The tanks will be lit by a LED light above the glass lid (light temperature:


The tanks are filtered with air-driven Hamburg mat filters.

Water quality

Categories 1 and 2: medium hard water (electrical conductivity approx. 400 µS) and a neutral pH. All other categories: soft water (electrical conductivity approx. 300 µS) and a slightly acidic to neutral pH.


The aquaria are numbered consecutively. After judging, a label is put onto each tank, giving the category, the name of the breeder and the number of points as well as the rank.


The tanks are given consecutive numbers. After judging, the aquaria will be marked with the category, the breeder’s name, the points the shrimp got and their placing.


Official photos will be taken from all shrimp sets shown. The copyright of these photos lies with the organizer, and these photos may be made available to magazines and so on. At any rate, the winners of the show will be presented in print media and on these web pages. Exhibition visitors are expressly allowed to take photos of all the shrimp on display. It is not permissible to reach into the shrimp tanks with fingers, sticks or other things in order to take better photos. A careful manipulation with clean wooden sticks is only permitted to
the official photographer who has been named by the organizers. The organizing team is held to prevent manipulations by visitors.